Enuwe Slim Still Run 

  • border collie
  • female
  • smooth / bearded
  • lilac & white
  • imported from Poland
  • 29.12.2022
  • ~15 kg
  • ~48 cm
  • will be x-rayed soon 
  • living in a co-own home
  • Pedigree database

6 months in the standing picture

Vinna is brave, stable, social, lively and also independent. She has a great work drive - speed with brains and not over powering herding acts while working in agility, where she seems very promising.

She will not go every where just without thinking so she realizes new surfaces but after a check she will continue. I think this is a valuable thing with border collie as we do not want them to just go full speed with no brains but also they cannot be afraid. 

She did not have troubles with fire works on the first year change. 

 She likes to relax on the Finnish sauna 🤪