Aspasia Foxhyn

  • mudi
  • female
  • imported from Czech
  • 18.7.2022
  • Eye exam 16.3.2024 healhy
  • Patellas 0/0
  • ~41cm
  • ~11kg
  • fakó, e/e
  • living in a co-own home
  • Nuppu will be x-rayed soon
  • She is training agility 

Nuppu by carrecter is strong-willed, intense, loyal, speed and devoted to his own family. Nuppu is really eager to please and loves to be goofy together, so it's nice to play with her. She also has the speed, strength and engine to do things, but on the other hand, Nuppu also knows how to calm down when nothing is happening. At the moment, Nuppu is practicing agility. In training, Nuppu is best motivated by a toy, and food pay is also good for calmer tasks. Nuppu may be suspicious of strangers, but she will warm up if you get to know her at her own pace. Nuppu is not dog-social, but gets along with other dogs, e.g. on dog walks. She seems very promising in agility.