Mudi - Hungarian shepherd

The Mudi

Size ideal 40-45 cm, 10-15 kg (males a bit bigger size, females a bit smaller side) 

Originally herding dog from Hungary; renowned for its alertness, activity, and intelligence. Undoubtedly, this less known dog is a rare gem of the Hungarian herding group. 

Although Mudis are rare outside of their native Hungary, breed enthusiasts love them for their intelligence and their ability to soak up training like sponges. They make excellent watchdogs, ratters, obedience and agility competitors, and more and even though they have high exercise needs, they're also willing to take a day off and relax once in a while, and you might be surprised by how laid back they can be. When you built up a good relationship with a mudi, they can be calm and most devoted family members. Quiet, rarely.

Coat of a mudi is super easy, medium-length, curly double coat in a variety of colors, including black, brown, grey, isabella, fakó and merle.