Border collie

Border collie - British shepherd

Size ideal 48-53 cm, 17-22 kg (males a bit bigger size, females a bit smaller side)

Border Collie, them being called the smartest dog breed on the planet? The fact is they are incredibly smart but if you don't understand them they will go self employed and can become problematic.

Border Collie's are a unique breed and need to be trained appropriately.

Border Collie is eager, receptive and intelligent, it should not be nervous or aggressive. The Border Collie has a remarkably fast learning and reaction ability, it is an energetic and service-oriented, tireless and adaptable herding dog whose work ability is in a class of its own. As an energetic dog, it actually requires daily exercise as well as brain activity. It may bark boisterously when it gets excited, but it usually doesn't bark for nothing.

Border collie is a good fit for an active person. The breed is perfectly suited as a hobby/working dog, which is easy to understand when you think about the breed's history of use. 

The coat colour is usually black/white but can be seen also in almost any colour like brown, sable, merle, brindle etc.