FI CH Furfang 

  • mudi
  • male
  • 18.7.2017 
  • 15kg
  • 42,5cm
  • color: blue merle
  • dog shows: FI CH, 3x BOB
  • Agility M2, gamblers 1xLUVA
  • carrier of color: fako (e/e)
  • eyes healthy
  • HD B/B
  • ED 0/0
  • back healthy LTV0, VA0
  • PL 0/0 (un. off. before 3,5y by several orthopedist) - (trauma 1/2021 and official bf. surgery 1/0). 
  • back spondylosis free and shoulders healthy - unofficial by vet Tiiu Toijala 9/2020.

An active, trustworthy friend with a very good work engine who loves agility.

One person's dog. Guards the yard, but not as loud as most mudis, othervice he does make a lot of noise. Reactive, but not stressed, e.g. on New Year's fireworks.

Doesn't immediately like strangers, but tolerates it as long as he is not approached without his consent. However, he is very curious. Lets the vet, physiotherapist, etc. handle and process, even if he doesn't always enjoy it so much and gets over situations even if he has been "traumatised" by something (e.g. a chain was put on the water mat to prevent him from coming too far and Unå didn't like it and for a while there was nothing to be on the mat, nowadays I go to the mat voluntarily).