Kettu & Ever

Bordercollie litter end of  July 2024

Pregnancy confirmed ❤️💙
(due 63 days 26th July) 

 *waiting list is full  *


  • border collie
  • male
  • brown sable
  • medium hair
  • 17.5.2020
  • 22 kg
  • 56cm
  • living in Poland
  • hips A/A
  • elbows 0/0
  • back LTV0, VA0, SP0 - all healthy
  • shoulders - healthy/healthy - OCD free
  • eye exam - healthy
  • heart exam - healthy 
  • my dog dna free from all except EAOD carrier
  • OB3, herding HWT, NHAT, Agility for fun

Ever is a confident dog and full of positive energy. He is extremely motivated. He loves working and learning. It doesn't matter if it's for a toy or for food. He is stubborn, balanced, loves people, has no problems in contacts with other dogs and he has something about him that makes everyone like him, and I don't even mean people. Ever can't work slowly. Once he does it, he does it 200%.

Ever trains agility and obedience. He shows great attitude and willingness to learn in both of these sports. He has already taken part in agility and obedience competitions for the first time (he is in OBI 1). When Ever works with sheep, he is strong, confident, listening, committed. He is not afraid, he does not withdraw. Working with him is a pleasure; he learns quickly, is focused on the guide and is already able to work in distraction and difficult conditions. He has passed NHAT and HWT.


  • border collie
  • female
  • red merle
  • medium hair
  • 4.8.2022
  • 17 kg
  • 48cm
  • imported from Poland
  • hips A/A
  • elbows 0/0
  • back LTV0, VA0 - all healthy
  • shoulders - healthy/healthy - OCD free 
  • eye exam 20.12.2023 - healthy
  • my dog dna free from all 
  • living in a co-own home
  • Agility A2, J3 (jumping), G3 (gamblers), S2 (snooker, missing one LUVA to S3), Silver medal in team competition at district championships 2024. 

Kettu is a balanced, open young female who is friendly to everyone. Kettu has moderate prey drive and no game drive at all. Kettu is a naturally talented tracking dog, but with the search training tracking has also become natural and meaningful for her. Kettu thinks that searching is great work and he always goes to work with enthusiasm. Swimming activies haven't been so meaningful for Kettu that water rescue would become our sport but maybe next summer she will be more enthusiastic. Kettu is sound and platform safe. Agility is taught by offering and thinking about lines. Kettu already reads the course surprisingly well for her age and can do all obstacles safely. Kettu has the ability to stack and turn tightly without dropping the bars. We are increasing the speed slowly, but it will definitely increase with confidence growth. Kettu moves a lot and this winter gets to run in front of the skis on a cross-country run with another dog. Kettu likes to run, and she thinks running in front and pulling is a very pleasant addition to exercise. Everyday life with Kettu is easy. She is listening and knows how to calm down when nothing happens. She is also very independent and enjoys being alone in the yard for long periods of time.

Puppies of Kettu & Ever

We expect the puppies of Kettu & Ever to be very stable dogs and easy in everyday life.

Puppies are expected to have abilities to do any hobbies.

One male and one female will be looking for co-own homes if we are so lucky to have puppies and both genders 💙❤️ These homes have been found! 

All puppies will be mydogdna-tested before going to new homes.

 Puppies from this litter will be brown/red, brown/red sable, brown/red merle, brown/red sable merle and all mentioned colours with tan points