About me

About me

My name is Taru and my family consist of my teenage son Miro and of my dogs at home Unå 7y, Abu 6y, Dox 4,5y, Snö 2,5y, Yon 2,5y and Bim 2y.

As a breeder, my main thoughts are maintaining diversity in breeds and through that, maintaining health overall, a good nervous structure and healthy bodies with abilities to live a happy long life. The most precious thing human can have is a healthy, happy dog! 

As a person, I am very dedicated and approach situations with passion. However, I think about a lot of things and quite deeply; I want to know why something is done? Are there other, maybe even better ways? And I don't want to do things for nothing only because "that's how it's used to be done", but to think about it openly and do it in the best possible way. This is also part of the ideology of my training; let's do things individually and specified on that dogs needs. It's good to have goals that you're moving towards, but when there's no shortcut to happiness, you have to work hard to get results. My thought on this is that rather less with quality and thought - quality replaces quantity!

Briefly my dog history; my dog hobby started in 2001, when I also got my family got our first dog. Agility started in 2002 with our Bichon frisé Emilia, and I competed for the first time in 2003, i.e. when I was 14 years old. In 2005, the hobby took a 10-year break, and in 2015 I started again with my first own dog Prague ratter Neo.

A little background on my education; I have graduated in a total of four different professions, I am e.g. tourism officer and financial administration merconomist. I have worked very versatile so far; from group exercise instructor to management assistant. Nowadays I do payroll. 

On the dog side, I'm a trial officer in agility. Worked in club activities both on the association side and on the hobby side for over 10 years.

 I do with my dogs agility, hoopers and dogs shows. 

Accomplishments in agility:

Games open FC 2018 3rd place in extra small (Neo) 

Games open FC 2018 9th place in extra small/small (Neo) 

Games open FC bronze medal 2019 (Neo)

Games open FC, snooker bronze medal 2019 (Neo)

Games open FC in the final 2022 1-10. places (Dox)

FPKC Sport Dog of the year 2017 (Neo) 

FPKC Sport Dog of the year 2018 (Neo) 

FPKC Sport Dog of the year  2019 (Neo)

Riihimäki Agility Club Agility dog of the year 2020 XS (Neo)