Prague ratter

Prague ratter - Prahanrottakoira 

Pražský Krysařík

Size ideal 21-23 cm, 2-2,5 kg

Prague Ratters are tiny, yet mighty dogs. They are playful and full of energy but also eager to cuddle up to their favorite human whenever possible. This breed adapts well indoor and apartment living, though they love to play - Prague Ratters are more than happy to be a lap warmer during downtime. Unlike many other other small dogs, the Ratter is typically a quite quiet dog.

Ratters are friendly dogs who wants to built up strong and dependable relationship with their humans and family. Though generally social, Prague Ratters can be a bit reserved with strangers. They love receiving attention and enjoy being around kids. However, due to their small size, these dogs should be supervised when with young children.

The Prague Ratter's compact body is almost square shaped and should be well balanced. Often confused for a Chihuahua or Russian toy. The Ratter's coat has short, glossy hair. This breed also has a moderately long hair; fringe on the ears, legs, and tail.

The most common coat color is black and tan but other colors including brown and tan, blue and tan, lilac and tan, yellow, red and merle are possible.